How to apply Stucco to exterior

Stucco, is a mixture of sand, cement, lime and water applied over an extruding metal mesh fixed to an outside wall or directly onto any concrete or rough masonry surface. Stucco can be colored. It combines well with other types of exterior cladding. It is extremely flexible when applied, which means you can create the precise texture or motifs you are looking for. Apply stucco to the concrete foundation of your home as well to the facade.


1.1. Clean the surface to be covered. This surface must be solid, clean and rid of any particles that could hamper the stucco adhesion such as grease, dust, oil, paint or other.

1.2. Thoroughly moisten the surface to be covered 12 to 24 hours before the beginning.

1.3. Dampen the surface (without creating any accumulation) before applying stucco.



2.1. Pour 4 to 4.5 L of water per bag of 22.7 kg into a clean container.

2.2. Gradually add dry ingredients of the bag by mixing with a drill equipped with an agitator of the same type as the paint mixers.

2.3. Mix for about three minutes while scraping the sides of the container and making sure you obtain a homogeneous result. If the mix is too thick, gradually add a bit of water, being careful not to make it too thin.

prep the mix


3.1. Stucco needs two coats. The two coats combined must total a minimal thickness of ¾”. Apply the first coat with a steel trowel. Tamp well.

3.2. Then go over with a notched trowel so as to obtain a rough surface, which increases adhesion for the second coat.

3.3. Wait until the first coat is dry, approximately 24 hours.

3.4. Dampen the first coat.

3.5. Apply the second coat with a finishing trowel, a brush, a paintbrush or a sponge depending on the expected finish.

scratch the surface after applying
2nd 3/8″ coating
finishing stucco and add color if required
application of color, get one wall done all at once to ensure color consistency
apply troweling texture as ordered


4.1. Once the stucco is dry, dampen the surface often, over three days, following the application.

The outcome is quite stunning