Different Types of Stucco Finish

Rough Dash Finish on Wall

Dash Finish (Roughcast Style)

Being from the most popular and top-favorite among homeowners, dash finishes can bring up the look of your place by a lot!

Dash finishes are widely known because of their highly textured gravel look. You can choose from light texture to dense texture.

Its texture matches all types of homes. That is why you can never go wrong with a dash stucco finish for your home.

It can happen that your stucco can get damaged over time. If this happens, then it’s important that you learn the best way to fix your damaged stucco.

Cat Face Stucco on Wall

Cat Face Finish (Known Also as Montalvo or California)

Continuing with our list of different types of stucco finishes, we have cat face finishes.

Cat face finishes count with a smooth surface with small to large rough areas. These rough areas are what we call “cat faces.” This is because they look as though if cats are peeking through the texture.

You can have Montalvo finishes with both synthetic or traditional stucco. They are achieved with two layers, first a rough coat, and then a smooth layer that allows the cat faces to peek through.

White Sand Finish on Exterior Wall

Sand Finish (A Style that Floats)

Part of our list of different types of stucco finishes, we have the sand finishes. Just as the name states, a sand finish looks as if someone added sand into the mix. A common nickname for a sand finish is float finish.

When applying a float finish, you’ll need to use a foam float to obtain a unique and classy look.

This type of finish is quite popular among businesses. You can choose between a fine, medium, or rough style.

Many people tend to confuse the sand style for a dash finish since they have similar looks. However, they have their differences. A sand finish has a more delicate texture than the dash one. Sometimes, a heavy sand stucco finish can look like a thin dash finish.

Besides their looks, their application method varies as well. For a dash finish, you’ll need to spray the mix onto the wall. On the other hand, to obtain a float finish, you’ll need to apply the stucco mix by troweling with a plastering float.

Sand finishes are perfect for hiding imperfections. Not only that but also they are easy to patch up as well.

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Yellow Spanish Lace Finish with Side Light

Spanish Lace Finish (Grace and Elegance)

Among the different types of stucco finishes, we have the good-old Spanish lace finish. This texture is quite common for homeowners. It is often called skip-trowel finish as well.

Skip-trowel finishes are great for covering flaws and go great with both homes and offices.

Lace finishes are usually applied with two coats: the base coat first and then the texture. Just like the sand finish, you can choose between a fine, medium, and coarse style.

Beige Santa Barbara Stucco Finish

Santa Barbara Finish (Soft and Soothing)

Similar to the smooth style (in which we’ll talk about later in the blog), the Santa Barbara finish is the perfect option for people who look for California adobe style finish. Its texture has small sand particles that give it the semi-smooth texture.

To get this look, professionals apply two coats of the traditional stucco material with a pool trowel.

Lastly, the final look will give you a range of colors. If you want a more consistent and uniform look, then you can fog coat it or just paint it later.

Green Worm Finish Stucco Style

Worm Finish (Get Your Groove On)

Next on our list of different types of stucco finishes, we have worm finishes. The worm style consists of small indentations (let’s call these grooves) on the stucco.

To achieve the best look with this type of style, you’ll need to use synthetic stucco. You can have between a fine, medium, or a heavy finish.

When looking for a unique and exciting style for your siding, then this is your go-to option!

The drawback, however, is that it is hard to achieve since you’ll need to apply it by hand and rub it in circles. It should be no problem if a professional does it, though.

Smooth Mottled Stucco Finish

Smooth Finish (Creamy, Plush, Refreshing)

Last but not least, we have what is commonly known as the most complex of the different types of stucco finishes, the smooth style. Although it takes a lot of expertise to do this type of finish, we cannot deny that it gives a great look to your walls.

Just as the name states it, this type of texture consists of a smooth final layer that is achieved by using the pool trowel.

One of the greatest things that the smooth texture brings is the fact that it is very versatile. You can choose from a wide variety of colors for your colors that can suit best your house. Not only that but also you can smear these colors, thus creating a beautiful and classy mottled look.

With smooth finishes, you can opt for either synthetic or acrylic stucco. The only downside this style may bring is that it is difficult to patch and cracks more often compared to other finishes.